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Fun Experience!

I had so much fun playing this game. Let me get into my review:

I. Visuals

The whole visual of the game is just amazing. I love how the animations are brought out. As someone who use the same engine as you do, I love how everything is taken with effort with the animations. I love how the enemy actually moves, rather than the static ones. The whole battle phase is good as well.

II. Audio

The music for this game is well picked. I love how there are even voice included in some of the BGM. The whole music gives the vibe that I am playing something good!

III. Story

I like the story. It's a classic good and evil, but a fresh tone to it by the delivery of the game makes this game enjoyable to play and see what happens to Duessa and the other characters.


Oh thank you so much! (And sorry, I just seen the comment now)

I've also done a few fixes already, but still need to upload ^^ And for part 2 there's even some custom art in work.. >_< 

Ty again <3