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(english isn't my first language so sorry if my grammar isn't great)

I just finished all the endings. Although the game is a little short it manages to tell a really great story. I love the art,  and the voice acting is really well done (I seriously loved Rowans voice ^-^).
I like how the game doesn't rely on jumpscares or gory art to scare you. The story is creepy on its own. Like most visual novels, you need to use your imagination for some of the images. Luckily the text is always very descriptive.
I also love how you have a very limited time to make some of the choices which makes the game more exiting. I had a lot fun playing and can't wait for future games by the creator!!


(Oh you're fine, your english is great!)

Glad you enjoyed our project so much! You wouldn't believe how long our "potential cgs" list was. But I made the "required" list as tiny as possible, I didn't want to ruin Fungii's hand. And yes, good, let the chills run through you. >=3

I'm also quite fond of using timed choices (when the time's appropriate). Just more suitable when you're trying to survive.

I shall do my best to create more entertaining vns/kns in the future~ (And depending on how things go, we just might expand on this one.)