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I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to playing computer games but can I use my PS3 controller for this? It's plugged it but it doesn't work. It works for emulated games. Forgive my ignorance. How can I play this with a PS3 controller? Is it even possible?


NOTE  - tinybaby messaged me on twitter and we were able to sort this out with button remapping


Absolutely. Puppet Combo was super accessible on Twitter and responded right away and was a big help in me playing this game. I'm not a savvy computer gamer (I'm one of those dreaded console gamers) but I wanted to check this game out due to my love of ps1/ps2 era survival horror games. I'm glad I checked it out. 

my ps4 controller seems to work fine at the main menu but it isn't recognized once i'm in game, and all the controller mapping features within the options are grayed out. any help would be appreciated! stunning looking game!