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Wow, what an amazing game. The simplicity of the mechanics make it so enjoyable and easy to pick up, yes the scrolls don't describe what they do, but this adds to the mystery and replay-ability of the game, as it is very short. I found myself getting so involved in discovering and learning every single thing the game has to offer that I used almost a full page of paper writing down the symbols, scribbling down what they do, and making sure I don't miss anything along the way.

Rat King has made a truly fantastic game, and I hope you revisit this idea and expand on it with A LOT more content because there is so much potential in this little gem.

P.S. once I finally found the Amulet and got my score, it gave the hint that there is more than one amulet!!? Is this true?? If so, that is amazing.

Hey, thanks for playing - and the kind words!

There is only one amulet though. ;) It might be that I phrased the end text a bit wrong... In any case, more than one amulet sounds like an idea for a more endless version of the game.