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You're asking in the wrong place. This category is for questions related to itself. Besides, which World Map Generator is that? A quick search yields no project with that exact name. At least link to it, please

My apologies for getting things mixed up.  Here is the URL for what I was asking about:

World Map Generator.  It's new.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my confused, and confusing, question.

Cedar Wolf

That's not even hosted on Itch. Why ask here? The chances anyone at all is using it are tiny. I'm going to move this to the tabletop game section, just in case. But your best best is to contact the tool's creator on Twitter and/or Patreon and ask there.

To answer your question, the generator has a prominent Save Image button, and the premium-only features are listed right below. They don't seem to include saving the data in any other format. What gave you the idea such a feature exists?