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Hey gang! I've just posted my submission for the Pamphlet Jam, a nice straight-forward dungeon crawl with goblins and hobgoblins. It should be compatible with most OSR systems - personally I usually use Knave, but I'd love to hear if you've played it in something else! The premise is that you've been captured by a hobgoblin who's discovered a demon-summoning temple and wants to turn it to his own purposes - once you've escaped your bonds, you can either slip out the front door and get the heck out of there, or try to take down all the baddies and track down some loot.

Project name: Captured & Sacrificed

1 sentence project description: A dungeon full of classic monsters, with a hobgoblin who wishes he was a wizard and wants to summon a demon.

link to project: you can find it here