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Wow...that was quite the ride! Managed to get all endings in one afternoon. Personally of all the story conclusions, I like Rowan's romance ending (Waite doing the whole 'Keeping my best friend and her new (weird) boyfriend in line' thing was really hilarious) and the ones where the boys go yandere over Luana and she's forced to fight them at the cost of her own sanity. Love our heroine's dynamic with Waite in particular and his rapport with Rowan.  After all, Waite does have his reasons to distrust the random dude who shows up in his inherited house but is forced to trust him despite his attitude towards other people. The spooks were sufficiently brought with certain CGs and descriptions of the monsters roaming the residence. Kind of like trying to describe Ink Bendy and failing , weirdly enough. 

There's one CG that I haven't managed to unlock yet. It's the one at the center of the first Gallery page. Will wait to see more content from you!

I voiced Rowan and drew the background art for his romance ending. I hope people enjoyed how I interpreted him.

Unlocking the middle CG on the first gallery page stumped me a little too at first. It does appear to be lurking about among the choice selection.

I personally hope we expand on this. I quite enjoyed helping out.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Wasn't sure how everyone would react to the endings, or if my writing would bring any chills. My beta-reader told me that there are confusing parts (in a bad way) but didn't want to push release any further. Glad that didn't ruin your experience.

As for the final cg you're missing, the only way to get it is to die in the red light green light room. =P

And depending on how the nano is received, it is possible we'll be expanding it in the future. (With more realistic bonding, more nights, and more deaths. Mwuahaha.)

Thanks for your and Razumi's replies! Totally worth the month and a half wait (and being a hardcore horror fan)!

I've been wondering about something regarding she Peruvian? I've noted some of her dialogue is in a foreign language and some of the dishes she brings up when talking to Waite. Also a suggestion: when you reach a download milestone, will you be doing a celebratory illustration featuring the main characters dressed as the main toon trio of Bendy and the Ink Machine with Luana as Alice Angel, Waite as Boris the Wolf and Rowan as Bendy? Their personalities certainly match up with those characters!

You're welcome~

Ahh her nationality. She's half Moroccan from her father's side, and half Latina from her mother's side. The little tidbits here and there were Moroccan Arabic. (I wanted to put a mini glossary, but code didn't work properly.)

As for if we do something to celebrate a milestone, it'll be discussed. =P