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Cool game, think I made it to level 10?

Really liked the simplicity of the gameplay while still being pretty challenging. Cool low-poly models, music, particles flying at the camera.

Cleaner UI would go a long way -- right now it's pretty cluttered. There's two separate fonts being used and four different text colors. The fuel bar seems a bit janky -- sometimes it shows that you still have fuel yet you can't speed up. Having the "tutorial" info always in the corner is definitely adding to the clutter. You could have it open a panel that tells the player all that information, and add in a button for if they want to read it again.

A sound effect for the ship speeding up would be neat, since it's the primary mechanic. Could also make the "thrust" particle effect do a burst when you speed up.

Maybe have sounds indicating that your fuel is low or below a certain threshold?

Also I think there were a couple times where I ran into the red line and not the asteroid -- colliders might be a little misleading?