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The one reason i played this game is because bijuu mike played it! and i think he was right this is a really mysterious yet amazing game especially the creator "HexVexed" for being so kind and nice to bijuu mike, i have a youtube channel but its not on computer.. anyway i really love this game and i cant wait for the full release or even the new updates also i love the art style and one thing i learned from other visual novels is "in the scripts copy the message this and decode it" and its really helpful! hope i can find out on what the binary code means~!

Hey Lizzy! Thanks so much for the comment! Mike is a super cool dude, so I'm thankful to him for getting more eyes onto my project! I appreciate you coming over to give your thoughts, and will continue to work super hard on the game to get it together for everyone! Thank you again for your time and your comment. ^_^