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Maybe I'm alone in this, but I had a lot of issues getting through this Demo. It was frustrating. It's possible it was bc I was streaming it at the time and focused a lot on chat, but it's also possible that there are some legitimate design flaws that need addressing. I feel if these are taken care of, the demo's pacing would run much smoother.

1) Admin Office (looting for supplies): You have to be right up on each desk to be able to open any of the lower drawers. Because of this, I spent far too long looking elsewhere thinking that the lower drawers weren't accessible. There's ALSO an area in front of the 2nd desk on the left after entering the room that prevents you from crouching, which only added to the idea that I also couldn't get low enough to access the lower drawers. Because I had already found 3/4 Supplies, the Keypad outside the Medicine Room had me thinking I needed to be looking for a code instead to get the final piece of loot.

2) In the 3rd segment of the demo—where you have to find 3 Breaker Switches to unlock the door—the closest switch to the main character's spawn point is probably the easier switch to find... on paper, but with how it was implemented in the game, it was the most difficult for me to find. I spent way too much time looking for that switch, and after thinking about it, here's why:

First, the 3-Breaker Puzzle isn't presented to you until a bit farther down the hallway. This already had me thinking that I needed to push farther into the building to find the switches, not head back to my spawn point. The game helps fortify this line of thinking by having 2 switches beyond the puzzle introduction point.

Second, the location of the 1st Switch—closest to your spawn point, and before the puzzle introduction point—sits in a corner shrouded in darkness. Armed w the mentality above, this Switch was way too easy to overlook, not to mention, the game actively encourages the player to NOT look in the direction of the 1st Switch's location due to the room's design. In the 1st Switch's room, there is a big window that allows the player to keep watch of the enemies patrol paths outside the room. Because of this, the player is encouraged to always be watching the window. Also, none of the enemies' patrol paths ever cross the door nearest to the 1st Switch, which also drives home that looking that direction isn't very important. All that, and add the fact that the Motion Sensor in your hand has you watching that as well. I spent a LONG time looking for that damn switch. Almost made me give up.

3) In the 4th segment of the Demo we come across a seemingly sleeping enemy seated on a chair holding a beer bottle. When I first encountered this character, it startled me! I gathered my composure, quietly snuck by, and continued on. After having gone back and forth about 10 times looking for the next step, I finally decided to say "screw it" and tried waking the enemy. Turns out, that's exactly what I was supposed to do. Now, there's a problem with this. Everything in the game prior to this point has taught the player to avoid these people at all costs. I NEVER would have thought that the enemy was going to suddenly help me get out of here. Unless I'm missing something, I feel like this makes no sense.

4) In the 4th segment of the Demo, what is the fuse box doing in the weapon's cabinet?

I feel like if these can be addressed, the pacing will run much better.