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Hey, I'm trying to launch this game but every time I do I get "Godot engine editor is not responding" and the game won't launch and just crash. I tried disconnecting my second monitor, no luck; I also ran as an administrator and tried running in both win 7 and win XP compatibility mode with still no change. I am running a windows 7 64 bit HP laptop.

That's odd seeing as it was built & tested mostly on a wide range of computers with Windows Operating Systems

May I ask what your specs are? There may be a driver or two that's missing from your computer that the game could need in order to run.

2.2 GHZ processor with an integrated graphics card with a cap of 64MB[but I've pushed it to 250]

It's an older laptop from 2010 so that might be my problem.

It might be your integrated graphics card that's causing you trouble.

Though in saying that, the only requirements that the engine itself specifies (according to Steam) is Windows 7 & OpenGL 2.1 or newer

I'd say, make sure Windows is up to date & check what version of OpenGL you have, then try running the game again and see how that goes