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what do you use to create these games?


I use Unreal Engine 4.

can u please sometime make a regular show game that u can go in park and around the house and skip garrage and u play as rigby or something ? that would actually be awesome dude I appreciate your content maybe after the spongebob release? if you want i can help you with ideas also can i please add u on discord if u have one, thanks.

Deleted 313 days ago
Deleted 313 days ago

also u said spongebob is ur final "am" game so can i ask a few questions? whats an am game, and will u stop making games in general? dora released a while back man and will u finish draculas castle its in the beta, ok thanks!


Final AM game means the Spongebob series I made, I will continue to develop games until the end of time however Around The Clock will be my final parody game actually. I don't plan on making anymore games about licensed characters, only original games from now on. I do plan on finishing Dracula's Castle after Around The Clock. It's just that that game has been in development hell.

Ok man good luck, but that sucks a bit that its ur last licensed game, maybe  u can remaster scooby doo 2?

hey i wanna buy ur game but its only on paypal and us dollars, is there a way i can buy with visa and with £ ?


Yeah unfortunately Itchio is strict like that or something as far as I know. :/ However, Gamejolt may be different? If you want you can try to purchase the game on Gamejolt and see if they allow visa.