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Um, why is the logo being used from @alpha?

We're not sure who that is. Could you send a link?

Here are some links.

Hey thank you for the reply, I looked at the twitter logo and I must say that yes they do look similar, however it's a silhouette logo and many of them tend to look the same. I did a quick search on google on "wolf 2D silhouette" and I found many images that look very similar, for example:

This is a stock photo which means anyone can use it and its royalty free. I would actually argue that alpha's logo looks more like this photo than ours (the head part). Anyways claiming that we stole the logo is really absurd as we've never even heard of him, but I do appreciate you looking out for other fellow content creators. 

Cheers, RedTheGame  

Wow, that is a lot of wolves, (insert shrug here).