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This was so different from anything I've played before, and I really enjoyed it!

The backgrounds and character art are really well done and consistent with the setting, and all of the routes are well written. I liked that all of the characters and their storylines are so different from one another, but they were all still nice to and cared about Vil.

The routes felt a lot more complex and deeper than I thought they'd be and I was thinking about the first route I played (Yiestol) for a while after I finished playing. 

Thank you for making this and sharing it!

Oh, thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it, and hearing that it was a unique experience for you is really special, high praise. We're really glad that all the routes had something of interest! We hoped we could offer stories that could take full advantage of the open setting and the different ways these monsters all live, so we 're just happy if any of that intention made it into the finished product.
Thank you so much for trying out our game and taking the time to let us know how it went for you, feedback is everything to us with this being our first game! :D