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I don't know if this was MayoHole's fault, or SteamVR's, or what, but I launched it for the first time, and after a moment, my whole system froze hard. I had to reboot. When I did, I wasn't getting video output on any device. Something borked so hard, it killed my video drivers semi-permanently. D: (It's recovered now, I had to do the "hold the power button with the PC unplugged to discharge the capacitors" trick -- dunno why that helps, but it's one of the most useful things I learned working in IT.)

I honestly don't think this was something in your game, cuz VR likes to freeze randomly on me anyway, but if it kept a log that I can send, tell me where it is and I can do that.

YIKES! That was scary to read, but I'm glad to hear your system was able to recover. 

This seems to be a singular occurrence, and I can't say for sure what may have caused it. The only thing I can think of would be the creation of the game's save file causing some sort of hiccup with other systems while the game is first initializing. I'll make a note of this and try moving the save file creation to sometime after the game has started to run. Hopefully that way, there will be less processing right at the start.

Thanks for taking the time to post your experience!