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Hello ! I found Escke cell, but I can't find how to go to Maze cell. Can someone help me, please ?

Hello, Liseria! You need to push the two rocks to the holes (after you move one, another will appear) to make bridges downstairs. It's a puzzle! :p

Thank you !! :D


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I just finished the game, and I really like it ! :) Will there be a continuation ?

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OMG! I didn’t notice that you had answered my reply! Sorry about that. At this moment, I’m not thinking about making a continuation because I’m working on my next game named Agent Lovesdick. As you really enjoy Yuki’s, I suggest you follow Male Doll's page because in early June I'll release Agent's demo for a test! Stay tuned and thank you for feedback.

Ok ! Good luck for the future ! :D

Thank you! <3

Hi there,  I have moved the rocks to each of the holes and can't seem to fine the way to get downstairs.  Can you help please?