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Feel free to take it and incorporate it into any game where it fits.

I would tend to use it in games with simpler mechanisms, where it's just "If you can justify how your coldbloodedness helps Lizard Amelia escape from danger, then you get a bonus die" or something like that. Because then every statement could be relevant, in the right contexts, without additional rules overhead. 

But I could see working this into a game with more concrete, spelled out powers as well. (Nobilis 3rd edition tried something similar, with an inspirational phase of character creation and then a more concrete mechanical phase, but it wasn't really successful.)

oh i like simpler mechanisms too. i was htinking as a mental exercise to help someone see how they relate. instead of just "i brood and am lincoln" something about "broody lincoln ends up doing x" in scenes might be a helpful hint. like how the moes work in pbta or belonging. haven't seen nobilis 3. is it worht a look? 


Nobilis 3rd edition is deeply flawed, almost to the point of being unplayable. I wouldn't recommend it. 

(2nd edition Nobilis, though, is amazingly beautiful and elegant and a great game.)

Ok. My love of 2nd is why I have interest in 3rd. I wonder what went wrong.