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Someone, a while back, was told their card was outdated.

How about an "Intel(R) Graphics (Core i3)", is that too old also?

Purchased the download last week, which setup cleanly, only without video. 

The game has all sounds, (and what seems like),all the functions, only without visual.

Can assuredly say that, because while clicking blindly, eventually arrived at the beach scene, and built the shelter & the first knocks, before realizing that I'm getting closer.

Badly want the full version, as this game now occupies 4-8 hrs/day.

This is a wonderful monster you guys made; and being retired/alone/older, it's that time-killer I was looking for.

Any suggestions/advice/options?

It should work with the core i3 integrated graphics card (it's called the Intel HD). Try updating your graphics card driver? Depending on what generation core i3 CPU you have, you can find the driver on intel's website: , and if you don't know what CPU generation you have, you can try intel's driver support assistant: . Once the driver is updated to the latest version, let me know if it works!

Updating the driver worked well.......thanks for the help.

Didn't know for 3 days though, as my computer was not restarted, and the update will not activate until then. Also, finding cloud was a +, as the game does not have to be active, in the background, for days, as closing meant loss of all info.  

There's an awful lot to get used to with these computers/games. Started as a hobby, a while back; and now, it's becoming a way of life.

Time to see just how much difference there is between the demo, and the full version. 

Glad that worked! I was pretty sure even the oldest i3 had the required graphics capabilities. I hope you enjoy the full version - and hopefully your saves won't disappear now that you're running the downloadable version (the web version is limited by the browser, whose history/saves can be cleared easily).