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curious to see how this one turns out regarding gameplay, the comments look promising.

just finished downloading, playing in a few days, and will donate if i like it ^^

also, good to see game maker studio games :)

Awyee, Gamemaker is pretty nice for 2D stuff, hope you'll have fun with the game!

just joined your discord server, anyhow, since no feedback channel exists, im posting my thoughts here: 

bouncy smug tanuki :3
fitting music
controls are well done
animations well done too

short music for gameplay
hard to find leaves
game lacks something dynamic, like other aninals (or to fit the gametype: ticklemonsters) that need to be dodged
some misplacements of tiles in second area

scores for the game:
gameplay: 3/5
sound: 4/5
graphics: 5/5

while i only got to 11 leaves, i had a fun time playing it for a bit, keeping it on my pc for giggles in the future. if some more dynamic things are implemented, i for sure will donate ^^

forgot to add: the minigame feels pretty polished!