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Latatta doesn't want her face to be publicly recognizable, otherwise  health inspectors might shut down her business, therefore I can't remove the black bar unfortunately

just play around with it until you get a feel for it xD
the shaking can be tricky, try keeping a steady rhythm and see what feedback you get

awyee thanks! Look in the games folder for the unlock zip file, extract using 7zip or winRAR and enter the password you got ingame

XD omg
sorry to hear that man

nah that's about it xD

- w-)b

we solved this in the discord i'm pretty sure, have fun playing!

we solved this in the discord i'm pretty sure, have fun playing!

aw thank you!~ that's so nice to hear, i'll definitely bring the deluxxx version to steam with more characters!✨

it can be a little tricky to get the timing just right, for maximum distance you wanna hold the jump button and hover at the peak of the jump.
admittedly some sections are a little tight, i wanna smooth those out in the new version..
but i'm sure you'll get the hang of it and find all the leaves! -w-)b

no planned release date yet, and yeah it'll defs cost more with the new content xD

Yo thank you that's so awesome! Just watched the whole vid, feels really rewarding seeing you guys having so much fun playing! xD

probably no android for this one...

Yes, there are plans to eventually release an updated version "Lewd Leaf Land Deluxxx" to Steam!

Hey awesome! Glad you liked it!

yes, one of them requires you to do like the opposite of 100%ing xD

you gotta collect all the green leaves for the password!

noice - w-)b

Hm that's weird, I'll look into it and maybe find a solution around unzipping folders in a future version...
But hey, glad you enjoyed the game!~

hey thank you that's great to hear! -w-)/

Oh hm might be the palette swap shader acting up with newer phones... I've just put the outdated vA1.0 back up for download, maybe try if it works with this one first?
If it still doesn't work you can DM me on discord (Saemi#9884) and we can try to figure something out there!

that's weird... you can't access the images without the password, but if you enter it using 7zip or winRAR you should be able to look at them within the extracted folder

you have lewd still images with textboxes along with them upon collecting enough leaves and triggering certain events, visual novel style so to say... Also the playable character can lose clothing later on
(sorry for the delayed response btw)

xD hellyeah! Great to hear you're having fun with it!

Most likely an update of the game, but with completely new content nonetheless

it's in the screenshots! xD but yeah better to have them all in one file... There you go! 16 colors + transparency

Hey thank you for reaching out! Please go ahead, making videos like that is totally fine with me!

within the game folder there's a zip file you can unpack with it! (using 7zip or winRAR)

wouldn't it be boring if i just gave it all away?

Hey thank you so much~ Appreciate the ideas! Maybe there's some fanart potential there also... xD

can't say when, but for new games i will definitely keep Android compatibility in mind!

you gotta try to be the opposite of a tryhard xD

Games are still being made! Its just taking longer than expected.. Currently working on an expansion for Lewd Leaf Land, after that more fresh ideas!

Yeah sure go ahead! Thank you!

it does get explicitly lewd, yes xD

Oh okay, we'll have to look into that...
As a workaround you could always use JoyToKey, to map keyboard keys to your controller

Yo that means alot, thank you!!

That would be pretty complicated to implement I think... It's a fun idea though! xD

there isn't any real iOS support rn, maybe in the future but I can't say for sure

Awyee nice, good to hear you're enjoying it! =w=/