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Ah yeah, I'll upload it here once it's ready =w=b

XD nice, that's definitely the type of experience I'd recommend for it
Thank you~

Yo glad you like the music!~
You can listen to it on bandcamp here as well:
or soundcloud if you prefer that:

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...guess I should make an update with new content for it afterall xD
So your purchase will still have been worth it in the end =w=b

Ooh shit, never thought a trash panda would review my game, he seems to be getting really into it too XD
Thank you for making a video!

The demo is just a little room that you can collect leaves in, the paid game has all the other content.
The thing is, the game will soon be released on another publishing site also, which is why we had to bump up the price.

But wait, so that means you've played the game before, and now bought it again because you thought there was new content added..?

Hey thank you! The game's pretty short, so there aren't really any more endings apart from the tea one..
But yeah for the color palette I've made it a fun little challenge for myself to only use 16 colors for the whole game xD Was a lil tough at times but I think it turned out alright.

Awyee, Gamemaker is pretty nice for 2D stuff, hope you'll have fun with the game!

Oh oops, seems like I forgot to update it in the games description, fixed now tho! Also have fun d=w=

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ YEAH!

Oh damn, thanks for pointing that out! Here's the new one:

XD I mean how could you even go on with your life if you didn't collect them all, never miss a chance to do a good deed by cleaning up the forest. But yeah thanks!

Yo, so Patreon and Discord are up now!


Yoyo, thanks! Yeah this is pretty much all from that game, it was honestly mainly planned as a small project to learn coding in gamemaker. (I've had more ideas for it as well, but had to hold myself back in order to not delay its release even further xD) So there most likely won't be a sequel to this game, but instead there's other games planned that will definitely be interesting and/or chill as well!

Oh HELLyeah, can you make that crown for me? You should totally give me a boob physics crown, that would be amazing XD

Oh I see, something with that shader must be causing problems then.. I'm not super sure what's causing it exactly so I just disabled it xD Since it's just a small wavy effect the game should work fine without it.

I uploaded the version where it's disabled here:
Hope that fixes it!

Oh okay, what exactly happens when the error occurs?

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Yoyo, it's probably easiest to just message me on discord (Saemi#9884), or you could send us a mail (
Also thanks~

Oh man thank you so much! You're the first person to buy my music so thats pretty awesome xD

Hey thank you~
You can get the soundtrack here on bandcamp:
Or alternatively you can listen to it on soundcloud:

Hey, that makes me happy to hear, thank you~
So I'm currently still setting up the platforms for that (Patreon, Discord, Blogsite...)
Once those are ready I'll put up the links in the AheGames account page, also I'll comment here again to let you know!

Yo thanks! I'm already working on something new so no worries =w=b

Aw thank you!

Thanks! So far I don't have a sequel planned for this one, but don't worry, I won't run out of ideas for future projects anytime soon xD

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Hey thank you! Happy to hear that~
I do have a soundcloud with a couple other things I've made:
Just uploaded the Soundtrack for this game there too, so you can download the tracks if you want.
I still have alot to learn when it comes to mixing/mastering especially tho xD
The main songs I've sampled are
- Masayoshi Takanaka - Sexy Dance (Sample should start at around 2:36 )
- TOI ET MOI - Shiroi nami

Do you mind sharing your soundcloud/bandcamp as well while we're at it?
Also entering a college for producing game music sounds awesome, have fun with that!

thank you~

Oh that could very well be, my code isn't super solid in some places, what's the error about?

Yoo that's basically almost a haiku you sent me there xD Thank you so much~

Thank yoou~ Finally I can move on to making something new xD

Hey thanks alot!~
Yeah, I also think that if you exaggerate it too much it starts becoming.. kind of unrelatable at some point, so it would stop being hot to me too, even tho pronouncing certain elements beyond actual realism can still be nice alot of the time.

Thanks! Yeah it's been pretty fun to animate those, glad you like it!

Hey thank you~
Yeah I do enjoy cute and lewd things together as well, I did however plan to add a tiny little twist to it, nothing too crazy I think, but you'll see xD

Yeah thanks! So far my main focus went into maxing out bounciness, now I'm working on the rest!

Oh hellyeah ➰〰️➰)👍

Right now there isn't much that's lewd about it yet tbh, but there are events and special scenes planned upon collecting enough leaves, which will be added in the final version once development is complete.