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Loving this game, but I just got stuck...

If I remember right there was another EMIA mine just to the north, near where the airship is currently, and there was a sign next to it. I landed and went to check the sign, but instead got entered into the EMIA crystal mine. Upon exiting directly the way I came in, I ended up here, surrounded by mountains and separated from the airship :(

Wow, you almost finished the game!  Thanks for reporting this.  Let me get a fix out asap.  What platform are you on?  (Mac, PC, iOS, Android?)

mac. Thanks!

Ok,  I just posted an update for Windows and Mac that should fix this problem.  @havingfun - I created a mountain pass you to get back to your airship.  Let me know if you are able to get un-stuck.

Echo & company are free, and send you their utmost gratitude.

I'm so happy to hear that!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ending (and anything else in the game that would like to share).  Thanks so much for playing my beta release game!