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Thank you for video.  I am really strugling with new update, but your video made helped me to go forward again.

Small notes:

- Lap amount (I will make it possible to choose)

- Loudnes (Working on it)

- Flustration (Thank you so much for this point. Your reaction to this game was spot on to what I was going for it should be just stupid and fun)

Everything that you complained about I will fix.

PS: AI will cheat if it gets stuck you spot that right. But it will also cheat if you are too good. (Its important to keep it "fair")

New version where I am trying to fix everything that you found will be coming in 2 days. If you want I can give you access one day early.

Side note: If it's ok with you and you would provide me with your icon. I would like to create special car for you. I hope that this is will be enough as thanks for your video.

It's so nice knowing that developers take on board what players say, I will definitely check out the game after the updates and then I'll review it again!

Thank you! That would be so nice, need me to send the icon somehow?

Update is already out version 0.1.0 should be a lot better (but I already found some bugs :D)  

If you can send me icon (or it can be even whole design) to put on car. If you have favorite car then I can even put it on it.

PS: If you want to have that car available only for your viewers  even that is possible.

Send me all informations to and I will do what I can :-)