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Honestly, it doesn't really matter if the game has music or not, this was still a very nice experience that had me smiling (and laughing) throghout the whole game. I was actually listening to my favorite J-pop playlist and still enjoyed this lol. Ah, you just got a new fan, I really want to see more of you after trying out Fetch Quest :)

Loved all the characters, their relationship with each other seems great (even bickering Connor and Todd), once I caught on that they were role playing the whole thing I just really felt that nice, warm feeling of spending a fun evening with your friends. Gosh, now I actually wish my friends would play this sort of thing haha. The art was great too!

So, yet again: congratulations on making a really enjoyable game! I wish you luck with any future projects :)


The feeling you described of spending an evening with friends is exactly the vibe I was trying to convey.

I’m glad you liked the game and are looking forward to more of my work! I actually hope to make a few more short games based around this premise/group of characters.