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I thought it was pretty perfect for a kind of small-scale test dungeon. Only real gripe is that yeah - it ends juuuust when the puzzles were really starting to get good. The early ones you just kind of no-brain threw the orb around until things fell into place, but as it went on you had to think a little more about the order in which you warped with things; it was a really solid progression of difficulty, I'd say. The prospect of a room becoming unwinnable if you perhaps wasted all the warp points sounds a little tacky, but I suppose there isn't too much you can do about that. And yeah the player can just leave and come back in.

Also sounded pretty decent and looked great; I love the kind of satisfying gradual camera movement you have going on (those screen transitions are niiiice). KEEP IT UP!

Thanks so much!! It's funny the amount of different responses I've gotten on puzzle difficulty (way too easy, way too hard, just right, etc.). I have some ideas for next time though which I'm really excited to try out. :)

Appreciate the comment. Makes my day to hear people are enjoying my little test dungeon.