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How do I download this on a Mac - I've tried a couple times but the application opens for a split second then closes, can anyone help me?

I also had that issue with another game call sara is missing. It would only open fore 1 second before closing.I was never able to fix it but I told the developers and im hoping that in the next update the issue has been resolved

But I see this game has a new update and maybe in this update the problem has been fixed and will now work for you.

Hello again, pazzamelia!

All right, I finally got to the root of the problem thanks to yawarahayashi. It's basically the OS Sierra that's causing the issue. This is how to make it run:

1) Right click on the game itself and click "Show Contents."

2) From there, go to the OS Sierra folder and click on the exec file of the game.

3) You may have to go to Security in the System Preferences to be able to open it. The Exec file will go through the Terminal process. It will take some time before the game officially opens.

Please do let me know if this works for you!