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GERMAN (english below):

First Impression Video:

Die erste aus einer kommenden Reihe an Tech-Demos für das aktuell in Entwicklung befindliche Spiel "The Waking Cloak".

- technisch und grafisch sehr gut umgesetzter Gameboy-Color Stil
- lernen von Mechaniken super durch den Aufbau des Dungeons eingebaut

- Rätsel teilweise unnötig chaotisch im Aufbau und künstlich erschwert



The first part of a tech-demo series to the in development game "The Waking Cloak".

- technical and graphical excellent Gameboy Color look and feel
- learning the mechanics was very natural due to the dungeon-design

- puzzles are sometimes unnessecary chaotic in how they are presented so they felt a lot harder then they are actually should be.


comment to the dev.:
I really liked how the demo felt (also I enjoyed the easteregg very close to the end).
As I stated above some of the puzzles felt a lot harder to solve then they should be. It is not that I don't like a challange but especially the dining-room with its mirrors felt very chaotic, so solving it was more of an trial and error when to cast the spell in which direction since I didn't bothered in actually try to follow its way in my mind by observating the room (to many mirrors to keep track of and no need to plan beforehand) so this room was kind of a chore.
In the old GB/GBC-Zelda games I enjoyed the puzzles being challanging but always super easy to get your head arround, so you weren't stuck in a room for a long time.

Otherwise everything felt great and I look forward for more since I first found the trailer to waking cloak! Keep it up!

This is some really excellent feedback, and I appreciate your video too (I set YouTube on auto-translate to English captions, which was an adventure lol). I'm working on my post-release analysis of all the feedback, and I'm very excited to refine my approach to puzzle design for Episode II. Danke!!