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Tags this game is awesome i really liked it the story is great keep it up ! i hope u enjoy my gameplay

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Hi GPHOBIA! Thank you for playing our prototype! Of course we enjoyed it, and we takes so much notes from it! We're glad that you managed to reach one of the ending in this prototype (even with the bugs and all hehe) we'll keep updating the prototype until it's pretty stable and hopefully, more fun to play! Our story writer is actually writing part of the story in wattpad if you want to know more you can check that out, and maybe give some input too, hehe.

If you have more input for the game, you can fill the feedback form in this link below :

We really appreciate it,  we hope you'll play the next update of the prototype! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much i will check it out , so excited for the next version  

Hi there! The new prototype has come out! I hope you can check it out and play it again!