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Sorry but i not work . It isn't the bug don't trigger exit but it freeze my game too . I can send you a save file if you want . I got this bug don't let me go out of shop in savia before but it not freeze my game . 

Edit:  Btw im play again with other save but it before the cultis cave . I love you game .

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This is quite the strange bug indeed. Did you download the updated version I uploaded around 9 hours ago? I should have altered the map file in a way that would prevent the issue!

Unfortunately it seems this site doesn't have direct messaging. But if the problem persists even patched you can either drop a link with the
save file here or message me on twitter at @AmayaKayako so I can take a look at it!

I'm sorry that the game still has bugs, It's gotten a bit
overly complex for me.
But I'm glad you still enjoy it despite them~