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fantastic project is very nice. Graphic pixel art beautiful, clean and smooth animation. A masterpiece! you have abandoned this project?

I have some questions, please answer:

1. - The project is open source?

2. - If Dolphin Island 2 is open source, I would like to collaborate in its development, Godot Engine is fantastic, they are being studied with this engine, and I can make my contribution even now. I'm 39 years old and since 1984 I dedicate myself to this passion very Python 3 use, GD script is very similar in language.

3. - If you have abandoned this project, you can publish it with the MIT license, GPL, BSD? I intend to develop it in time, I do not want Dolphin Island 2 die. This project deserves to be developed with love and passion.

Thanks for the attention! if you can contact me at my address:


Thanks so much!

Sent mail and updated info on the game page :) thanks!