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Jan Marcano

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thanks for playing! hope you liked it :)

Thanks for the kind words!

I hope they'll inspire me to make more games :)

Hi! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

The game is quite short, so we didn't add any save functionality :(

Hopefully you can end up beating it anyways! Good luck

Hello! This version of the game runs on an older version of the engine that, as far as I know, has issues with older integrated graphics cards.

Have you tried running it in another machine or under any compatibility mode?

Hi! That is indeed the case.  I remember someone once did a version that added some multiplayer elements to it.

You can make Pull Requests to the original repo if you want to add something to the base game or you can just make your own version.

It's made in Godot 2, mind you; so use the correct version of the engine. After I get back from vacations, I'll try to make the updates necessary to make it compatible with Godot 3.

10/10 me gritaron comunista.

Pensé que me iban a seguir gritando cada vez que cruzara, pero solo me gritaron una vez :(

No puedo evitar sentir que hay un significado oculto con el posicionamiento de la balanza.

Felix <3

This is awesome! It stands out as a game of it's own rather than a Flappy Clone.

The graphics and concept were awesome. Good job~!

Hello! Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm glad you had fun with the game.

The game is (sadly) on a hiatus, but I'll do my best to resume development an soon as possible.

Good luck with your game development learning.

Thank you! More will come eventually :)

This looks nice! Hoping to see more.

I see you made it in Godot Engine, how did you get it to work embedded in What version did you use?

Sent mail and updated info on the game page :) thanks!

Hi! I just checked and the 64bit Mac version is indeed a dot app. downloads can sometimes get funky, try downloading it again! If the controller still doesn't work there, let me know. I can try building the game with a different version of the engine to see if it helps.

Do you have an older VGA internal card? It doesn't work on older pcs for that reason.

If that's not the case, let me know!

Hey! I don't have any OSX machines to test it, so I can't really tell :( it should work without any extra configuration. Sorry!

Older integrated video cards are not supported by the engine, this may be the reason. OpenGL 2.1 is required and even then some old VGA cards that do support 2.1 still crash.

Sorry, can't really do anything about it! :( Maybe try in another OS or machine if possible?

Hi! Do you have an integrated graphics card by any chance?

Hey! Thanks for reaching out :)

No word yet on platforms, we'll decide on that once the game is ready.

For this version we didn't have a musician (the music was actually procedurally generated) so on the music department we should be better now. We're still on the creative rework to pry away from Kokosac's IP, but the combat has significantly been changed as well. Dodges and parries are being considered, but nothing final yet.