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a lovely, comforting, and thoughtful game that drew me in and kept me smiling throughout (besides perhaps during a period of frustration searching for the last key , if i'm being honest - but finding the secret brought an even bigger smile to my face, one that only grew as i approached the house).  

 thank you.  sorry for not being able to pay more for it - i'm broke, but wanted to show my appreciation.  registered for an account just to do so. :)

Thank you very much for your kind words! If i may ask, which key was the last one you found?

I really appreciate your comments and your tip, it means a lot to me. Please don't be sorry about anything, you just made my day!
Have a lovely day yourself :)


you're very welcome!

it was the key to the southeast of the starting point.  my problem was that i was sure i'd already carefully checked every possibility; i'd written the area off as a dead end.

so i was truly....stumped.  terrible pun intended.  it was only thanks to extreme stubbornness that i finally found what i'd overlooked.

take care, and thank you for the the reply. :)