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I wanted to give this amazing racing game it's own official Grand Prix, but I went about it the wrong way the first time around. Now I'm remaking the Micro Marathon so that it doesn't have 4-hour long videos. Hopefully I didn't discourage anyone out of taking an interest to this game... Anyway, now it's improved all around, with slightly more commentary, a new DRS system, and some epic news that you absolutely must hear about if this game interests you at all.

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(I don't want the comments section to be filled with just my videos, so you'll have to go to my YouTube channel for the rest of the Marathon.) This Micro Marathon may very well be more intense than the original! Also, I'm considering a change in persona. Divine may be too kind and too neutral for what I wish my channel to accomplish. Perhaps... it's time to stop holding back my true feelings on the state of the gaming world.