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I've played this game with a friend twice and both games were really fun!  I got the game in the Racial Justice bundle a couple of years ago but I came back to buy it properly since we got so much use out of it.

We used tarot cards instead of making our own oracle cards, and the different tarot decks added a lot of flavor to the settings. The two cities turned out very different!

Our playtime was waaay longer than the game text suggests - 4-5 hours to build the city and characters (even though we only made 6 characters), plus a second session of 4-5 hours another day to play the story. We're both worldbuilding nerds though, and ended up making fantasy cities with magic and politics and so on; it took some time to make sure everything tied together. We had a lot of fun bouncing ideas back and forth and coming to a consensus.

I highly recommend this as a game, and it would also be fun to brainstorm/outline a book for nanowrimo etc.( You'd still probably want a partner though, I think.)

One suggestion in case there is ever a second edition - on our second playthrough we really wished for more options in the "A Place of..." table for generating locations. 12 prompts instead of 9 might be easier to work with. E.g., Near the end we just went ahead and added "Cycles" to our game for a garbage dump/waste processing center (debated "Life & Death" or "Renewal" as alternatives). Just a thought!

thank you so much! I have used this game the last couple years to elaborate on worldbuilding stuff for my other games and really enjoyed it. I might revisit the location stuff and see if there’s any new life I can breath into it. Thanks again!