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Um what did you make this in? 

(engine /  language)


I made it in plain Javascript with html elements, and gifs for graphics. It's a bit primitive, but's it's been the most fun game project I ever worked on :)

I've been thinking about doing this exact thing to brush up on javascript(new to the language but not programming)! Do you have any resources you recommend or that you used?

Actually javascript is the only language I've learned, and I learned it through Codecademy some years back.
The good thing about working in javascript is that it is so widely used, that every question has been asked on the internet already.. I didn't use any resources really, just started putting some simple html and javascript together one night :) 
But I'd love to answer any questions you might have

Man, that's awesome! And yeah I guess anything you'd want to know is really just a search away.  

I loved your dungeon system, it felt rewarding to go do something else and let materials accrue only to get to come back and get to pump Derek up each time. I'm eagerly awaiting the updates. 

Thanks for the inspiration honestly.

Thanks a bunch man :) 
I'm really happy you liked the game. Get in touch with me anytime if you need help with ideas/art/code/anything!