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That's awesome to hear!
Unfortunately I haven't even started development on the next chapter yet. I have been away on a little vacation.
But I might start work on it later in the summer :)
I'll make sure to put out some updates before the next release

It is already out on Android! :D

Maybe :) Send me an email on

It's meant to be a thing you go and check once in a while (it updates the exchange rates automatically in the background).. So you need to find the right time to sell and the right time to buy

Yeah, it's hard working completing what you've started. But now it's too close to be done, so it would be a shame to stop here :)

Haha! :P I just released this chapter, so it will probably be a while before the next chapter comes out

So I have fix now.. There's a little cheat to make Derek go down 20 skill levels in all skills. You can do that until you hit somewhere around where you were before, or just go all the way back to skill levels 1. It's up to you..
To perform the cheat, go to the classroom.  First open the Bull Fart skill 3 times. Then Door of Regret, Thirsty, Bull Fart, and lastly open Door of Regret again.
Hope this works for you :)

I'm working on a fix for that. Should be done with it tomorrow some time

Haha, betyder det Fortnite? ;)
Jeg er med på et spil pubG :P

Ja, det er ret problematisk. Man kan desværre ikke reverte på skills.. Du kan starte forfra og jeg kan give dig en resource kode du kan bruge til at komme lige så langt som du var før. Add mig på Discord, så skal jeg nok fortælle dig hvordan .. Crede6049


Awesome! That was actually just what we went for :)

Yeah, he's having a pretty tough job that poor potato guy!
Your friends will still work for you without the friend house, but you will have no idea what they are doing, or what they have to say, since they are just roaming about on your surface ;)

Den er ude her på Itch .. Men vi arbejder stadig på at få den ud på mobile :)

Thanks! Will do :)

Vis dit sande jeg Simonkurt, hvis det rent faktisk er dit virkelige navn!

I know! 
Actually it's a track we bought, and then edited a bit, to make it fit the atmosphere of the game :)
It's amazing that I'm not getting tired of listening to it after having played the game so much

Possibly. I really want it to, but I need somebody to help me make a wrapper for Android

Really? Have you tried with your chirpy friend? :)

Haha! Well done!
It's a bug, but also not a bug ;) It's fixed now.. But your Derek has gone nuclear now. You can upgrade him to make him normal again.. Or you can beat EVERYTHING!

Some of you have played this before.. But now the update is out now!

Play it free in your browser: !

For you who haven't played the game before: Planet Life is a strange little story, relying on incremental game mechanics to drive the narrative. You play as a newborn planet, trying to make new friends. On your journey you encounter a furious space bull man and a curious robot, that'll help you on your space quest.

In the new update you get reach the Broccoli Empire, where a dark story is about to unfold. This region features a forgotten coco penguin, a loose chainsaw and a nauseous lake creature.

The game also features a flashy new dungeon system, with cool skills and deep deep new challenges

Hope you enjoy <3

Hey!! If anybody completed any of the Endless Dungeons, please let me know :D

Thanks a bunch man :) 
I'm really happy you liked the game. Get in touch with me anytime if you need help with ideas/art/code/anything!

Haha, cool concept!
Make the countdown a little short or not at all.. It's a little long to wait every time you did, which is often ;)
Highscore - 11!!!!!

Actually javascript is the only language I've learned, and I learned it through Codecademy some years back.
The good thing about working in javascript is that it is so widely used, that every question has been asked on the internet already.. I didn't use any resources really, just started putting some simple html and javascript together one night :) 
But I'd love to answer any questions you might have

Thanks Daniel! :)

Thaanks! :D

Haha thanks! I love your name :D

Alright, I'll give you a hint: Think of it as a dungeon door that's being knocked on 

Ah really? That's not good.. I'll have to look into that. It should save your state

I made it in plain Javascript with html elements, and gifs for graphics. It's a bit primitive, but's it's been the most fun game project I ever worked on :)

Great idea! Like finding doors that would give one of those things at random :)

I'll have a look at it Thanks for noticing :)

Great to hear! Heheheehe, but the dungeon is going to be deeper than that man. Waaaay deeepr ;)

Slowly making progress on the next chapter :)

Currently working on a deeper dungeon system. Hehe.. Not deeper as in more levels, but hopefully more fun! 
Teaser.. There are going to be doors!

Ah, sorry to hear that. I'm trying to free up some time to do fixes.. But until then, try playing it in chrome. Hopefully it will save your progress there

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. What browser are you playing in?

It should save automatically.. Do you lose your progress when you quit the game?

I'm sorry to hear that. I just played it on Safari myself, and the scrolling seemed fine there. Is it only in the shop or everywhere?
Otherwise you can try to play it on google chrome :

Ok actually the input thing was way easier to fix than I thought, so I got it working now :)

Hey. Thanks for playing.

I know the input could be a bit better. I might spend some time on getting it to work better some time soon.. 
I didn't experience that posting a comment deletes progress. What browser are you on?