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Slowly making progress on the next chapter :)

Currently working on a deeper dungeon system. Hehe.. Not deeper as in more levels, but hopefully more fun! 
Teaser.. There are going to be doors!

Ah, sorry to hear that. I'm trying to free up some time to do fixes.. But until then, try playing it in chrome. Hopefully it will save your progress there

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. What browser are you playing in?

It should save automatically.. Do you lose your progress when you quit the game?

I'm sorry to hear that. I just played it on Safari myself, and the scrolling seemed fine there. Is it only in the shop or everywhere?
Otherwise you can try to play it on google chrome :

Ok actually the input thing was way easier to fix than I thought, so I got it working now :)

Hey. Thanks for playing.

I know the input could be a bit better. I might spend some time on getting it to work better some time soon.. 
I didn't experience that posting a comment deletes progress. What browser are you on?

Thank you! And yeah it's crazy. I'm really happy to see that people are enjoying it :) 

Ah, glad to hear it. Otherwise go to and see if it works for you there instead

Ah, that sucks. What browser are you using?

Thanks! :D
Do you mean a desktop application? You can already play it in the browser here.. Or on my website christianlaumark/planet. The game is just a html page with some Javascript :P

As far as I know, there's no code that affects scrolling in the game. It's just run on a standard html page. When I scroll right now it's only scrolling the itch html page

The Slotmachine :) And fighting in the dungeon

That's a cool idea. I really hope I get to work more on the game! If so I might consider a rebirth system. Thanks for the feedback :)

This is amazing TUD! It was really fun seeing you play the game. Can't wait for part 2 :)

Thanks a bunch Riley! That really means a lot :)
Actually that's the one part of the game that I didn't do myself. I had a colleague help me wrap the game for an iOS app, and he also helped me with the save state. From the looks of the code I'm pretty sure he used localStorage.

Hey Diggy!

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it :)
1. The dungeon never ends. It will just be too hard eventually.. If I get more time to develop the game, I want to add more choices to the dungeon system. But I think it works out as a tiny dungeon crawling feature.

2. For every jerk on the level it checks a random number between 0 and Dereks strength, against the number of jerks on that level. If that number is smaller than the amount of jerks, then Derek loses between 1 and 5 health. 

Hope that answers your questions :) 


I just uploaded
But scroll doesn't seem to work when I play it in the safari browser on my iPhone.

Any idea how to fix this?

Planet Life is a quirky incremental game, about space exploration, upgrading and dungeon crawling.

In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there.
Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live. Manage your resources, and upgrade tools to advance.
Fight your way down a deep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself, and gain the respect of mysterious space gods.

That's creative coding! Super simple and clever :)

Mmmh.. Addictive :) Well made! Was it difficult to code? It looks pretty slick

Hey cool game! I like the graphics :) It's a shame it's so small, as it could be nice to see the pixel art up closer.
Cool dialogue in the game.. It's really edgy in a good way. Would be even better if there would have been put even more energy into the story.

Looking forward to see other things you made

This is very basic, but how do I change the background of my scene?

All I get is a black screen.