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Played through about as far as I think I could, it was fun!
I made the void node but, I think there wasn't enough dark crystals on the map for me to do anything with it but create a few shadow bars. Definitely didn't seem to be able to make the reset item.

Not sure if you plan to work on it further but, some notes;

  • The mining speed is good but I think it would feel nice if just walking was about 2x as fast, like it is in the Dawn.
  • There were some items I didn't seem to find a use for like the Charcoal
  • The workbench Mk.3 doesnt let you craft stuff that the Mk.2 does in 1.0.2
  • I think it'd be fun if you could make soup with berries and water, or something. Just to have something else for the food tab.
  • I like the mechanic of dropping logs onto the fire and i wonder if it'd be cool to have other buildings/machines you interact with that way. I had thought you might also be able to put charcoal on it to make it burn brighter or longer or something.
  • I think the darkness could stand to damage you faster even in first cycle
  • An option to fullscreen or scale up the window would be nice, it's a bit small on 4k monitor. Maybe it exists but I didn't see how.

anyway, nice work! really liked the little sprites and you have a fun little collect-and-upgrade loop going.

uh oh! i thought i checked the workbench compatibility stuff thoroughly, oops. also yeah i think some stuff went unused when i downscaled. thanks for all the feedback, i'd love to incorporate what i can!


i made an update with a bunch of changes and fixes based on this and some other comments! thanks again 'w'