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Aaaahhhh im so hyped! I played through the Winged Ones of yours and saw a year ago you were making a second game! I admittedly forgot about it for a while up to today (because I didnt want to implode from anticipation) and then I come back and theres a demo available! Im so hyped for your next game, and I'd donate only if I could ;o;

Keep up the awesome work! Ill be looking forwards to seeing the progress!! <3 <3

Hi BaiyauFox! I'm so sorry for the late reply! ><

woah--you're from a year ago? o.o; time sure flies! I hope you'll enjoy the demo and take your time! 

The story & scriptwriting had come a long way and I only have to write the bonus antagonist route before I start making CGs and programming >< it will still quite a awhile until Bermuda is finished so please stay tuned with the weekly updates for now~

as always, thank you for your warm support and everlasting patience -^.^)/