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I think what's the most unsatisfying part of this game is that almost every ending comes from telling the man you love him, and I think most people wouldn't go so far down that road with somebody if this ever happened to them. Sure they would say "I love you and think you're important" but they wouldn't actually go meet that person. My suspension of disbelief was shattered right there when you just went right to his house. Also the fact that he's the amorous French guy cliche, like couldn't he be German or Korean or even African? The French aren't any more inclined to romance than the rest of us.

When I played through the game the first time and got into a chat with the man and found out he likes poetry, that was way more investing and believable than the whole freaky/predatory house visit. That's not to say the depression of anyone like this isn't valid and worth writing stories about, but what mattered more to me was just the poor game design overall with there being so little choice in the "not in love" department. On the flip side, I got pretty annoyed with the fact that if you just don't accept his hug, he does a total 180 and kicks you out. Again, if someone was really looking for affection they wouldn't kick the one person who's open to speaking with them out just because they don't want them in their personal space. And possibly the most irritating thing was the music... why was it so much louder than the rest of the game?! I practically threw my headphones across the room when I got the first ending!!!

Fortunately there are plenty of games out there with depression and suicide as themes that are executed much better. My personal recommendations of games with depressed/suicidal characters are The Cat Lady, Imscared, LISA the Painful RPG, Presentable Liberty, The Beginner's Guide, Why Am I Dead At Sea, & Keep In Mind. Almost all of these games are in my top ten favorites list. Depression is such a common theme in games and I think that's fascinating and awesome but it isn't always done right. The same can be said of anything else, so, one bad egg is okay when you've got a whole coop of good eggs.


Have you played The Static Speaks My Name? It's another game about suicide, and insanity...


No I haven't. Thanks for the rec :) .

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