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I looked at the traceback, it provides no solution, but it'd help if you tell me where exactly you encountered it, which route, what day, for one.

If you loaded old files instead of playing a new save, that bound to happen.

I always suggest loading a new file whenever there's a new update; but it's changing as of 0.4.30 (Patreon version)

sorry but I don't remember it. I played all routes on that day,so it is a bit fuzzy all the memories...

If I do remember correctly,it was during the classmate lion - forgot his name - when appeared a new side character in there,a friend of the lion,guy that i didn't saw in other routes...I it was Avi,Eve,something like that...and when I opened side character page to check about the guy that error happened. 

Sorry for not having more information...I was thinking just that was enough haha. Now I'll try at least to print the scene prior to it and send more informations...