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A lot of BG didn't make it to the BG gallery.

Been focusing on the other part, so keep forgetting to add them to BG Gallery.

Don't mind that.

As I said in the warning screen:

Pretty sure this game is free of virus, not sure where you got that from

Ignore that if you want. 

but if you feel iffy about it: there's nothing I can do.


something worth reading:

Unfortunately, I only release the updates faster on Patreon.

I don't have any plans to do that on, I'm sorry.

It's a known error, fixed in v. 0.5.10.

To avoid it, make sure you go with Mark in the morning.

The game says what you need to do: rollback, choose the other possible options

pretty much means 'After School'

Good luck.

And no I'm not, main character is.


You kinda answered it actually, "I saw in your patreon something about day 4 of Anders and Gil" --What I post in Patreon belongs to Patreon.

Parker, Mark, Gil, Anders' day 4 are Patreon-only for now

Parker's Day 4 will be released in 24 hours, or maybe earlier. The rest are May, June, July, respectively

As for the Android version, an error with the package is likely happening because you tried to install the same version of the game OR you went from higher version to lower version.

The rollback error is probably because you didn't close the game properly in previous session.

Why, thank you.

Lars and Parker give you a 11/10 too.

They luv, they attacc, and they protecc.

Hi Gempanchi, I update the game on after ~2 days when all Patron received the latest update. 
I just released Anders' day 4 on Patreon today, so expect new update on in two days.
So, no, you only have to open this page every month
But I don't mind if you open this page everyday.

That's shouldn't be a problem, beastmen are magical things anyway.


In all seriousness, the BG in After Class is still in development, we're still finding BG artists; please be patient.

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I looked at the traceback, it provides no solution, but it'd help if you tell me where exactly you encountered it, which route, what day, for one.

If you loaded old files instead of playing a new save, that bound to happen.

I always suggest loading a new file whenever there's a new update; but it's changing as of 0.4.30 (Patreon version)

Sorry for late reply, I don't check itch often, but to answer that. It's Lars' day 4

here's how the numbers work:

itch v.

a refers to the whole game: 0 means demo version, 1 means finished the game

b indicates in-game day: the recent update is v. 0.4.10: meaning it's day 4

cc means route -- .10 is Lars, .20 is Parker, .30 is Mark, .40 is Gil, .50 is Anders.

probably just missing font, thanks for pointing it out. fixed it.

as for the narration, yeah, earlier scripts have soooooo many flaws and i'm planning to change it in the future so don't worry about that.

Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

Patreon version, yes. Public demo, no.

Yeah, I made a google docs, but I'm deleting it for now. I'll add it back once I'm done fixing everthing.

And thanks for pointing it out, I'll discuss it with my editor! 

And same, oh boy, English is too hard for me; I'm trying, though.

Heya, it was me who did the art for this game, at least the sprites. The rest are found on the internet, with permission, ofc.

thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it!

As for day 1, there will be some backstory as the story progresses.

Anders' route

you can't because Lars Day 4 isn't available in public version, yet.

the errors happen because there's actually no files in the game. that's not corrupted files, i just haven't put it into the game yet.

Hello there, thanks for the kind words, and don't worry, I'll keep working on it!

I'll keep it in mind about your lil brother, just in case I need help.

Ah, yeah, that's the problem with the QTE on Android. When I have time, I'll try to do the coding and change it to swipe up, touch here, or anything.

If it still persist, try to uninstall and reinstall.

Why, thank you! I don't play to release it on Steam at the moment, and the game's gonna be free when it's completely done.

But you can consider being a patron on my Patreon (and you'll get early access and stuff) if you want to support me, or you can just share this game to your friends!

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Yep! I used Spencer from EA as his art reference.

And I update the game once a month.

I drew and colored them on SAI

Update, there's nothing on my phone. Try re-downloading the game, maybe it will fix the problem?


And Gil loves you too.

Did you mean: A hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan? :D

I'll try to find out why. 

Android version is still full of bugs. But let's hope I can fix it.

Also, I love your profile picture

Once a month.

*Exceptions apply

I plan to add a CG scene there, but atm, there is nothing, so I skipped it.

And yeah, you can share it to your friends! It'll help me a lot.

it's something in between. But I promise you there's no supernatural stuff in here.

Gil's route is not available yet. 

Is it not downloading or like failing halfway or something?

I tried to download the game, it works. If the problem persists, lemme know. 

Aww. It's really nice to hear about it. Thank you very much! :)

And it's updated!

That, I have no idea about, but it's a nice thought.