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Nah, no update yet. It'll probably come in a week or two--same time as Patreon updates.

I literally just said we'll get an update this month xD

It means will also get updates.

No hate taken; if you're hitting me with a blunt weapon, it's only fair that I hit back with the same if not something sharper. It's the internet, like you said, haha.

The pledge on Patreon is entirely optional and the game will be free once it reaches the ending it deserves. I always pause the charge if I'm not working on anything--or I'll tell my patrons to pause their pledge when there's nothing new on patreon but I'm in a tight spot and need some help with money.  

I do appreciate your comments, even though it could've been phrased better, but it provides something for us devs to talk about. But the way that you say that I'm milking is just, I don't know, kinda makes me feel a little bit sad LOL, not only me, but for both of us. I'm not asking for an apology; just thought I'd put it out here because I'm also human like you XD

This month, definitely. We're no longer on break, and Patreon updates are rolling like usual again.

Aye. I'm also patrons of some less-known writers, not because I read their works, but only to give them support during hard times. I know what it's like to have your work not being recognized, so I'm trying my best to support everyone, budget allowing.

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Yeah, that's the point of the monthly report--it's to provide transparency on what I do and the development pacing (which I also agree with you, it's slow. I also wish I could make it faster, trust me, I really do and I often meme about it on Patreon LOL) along with other things. 

That's also why my Patreon is not mandatory. It's for people who wants to help me fund the game so I could commission artists and whatnot. 

It's true, we don't get many assets used in game as of now, but it doesn't mean the money goes to my personal pocket. I just need you to realize that we are a team, I don't do this project alone, there's a sort of a dev report and everything, from how many funds we have left to what assets we haven't done yet. 

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's true. I don't mean this to be something provocative and/or condescending, I just want to reach an understanding with you, is all.

--- Edit, because you also keep editing LMAO ---

November 2022, actually! If you want to count Episode Parker (it's brand new), it's December 2022. I understand why you won't count it as a story update, but I believe Episodes are important for Day 10 to plays out smoothly, that's why everyone's getting their Episode 1 before day 10 (and why I'm also updating Lars' Episode 1 to provide more context and clues.)

I wouldn't say an Episode update is just stretching it as a filler content. It's as important as main story, because it connects to it. Without that, everything just won't make sense. 

If it was a filler content, I wouldn't have wasted any minute on it when I could work on the main story LOL.

I'll quote-unquote one of the devs "Episodes are vital to the story."

Thank you, man! If it's time to do translations and all and we're short on people, I'll remember to contact you!

Oh! Thank you! The Chinese part is only available for Lars Special Episode 1 (Which is currently Patreon-only) But we have plans to translate it to Chinese, it's just that we haven't had the chance to do it yet since we still change a small parts of the story here and there.

It'll be free at the end of development. It's called a demo because it's a work in progress.

There will be updates like usual this month LOL.

Thanks LMAO. It's hard to read monthly report nowadays, but it's sorta my fault for not making devlogs about it. I just assumed people head over to patreon to check the devlogs/monthly report.

I mean, I totally agree. If there are other creators who write really good stuff and has less exposure from what I have, 100% support them.

I'm not against people unsubbing to my patreon so they can help people with less patrons, and giving me helpful feedback, that's the only way I can get better as a writer and a content creator, myself.

It's not like I'm milking it LOL. If I wanted to milk the patron's money, I would have done it in a different way. If you read previous posts or some of the patreon stuff that's available to public, you'll find that I'm only rolling out updates on when I roll out story updates on Patreon. got Mark Episode 1 rework in November and Mark Day 9 in December.

I took a month break in January and told everyone to stop pledging if they weren't fine with me charging without giving content, and February is basically a housekeeping update, so there's no update for

I honestly would really appreciate if you guys would take the time to read tbh.

Well said, and LOL, real.

It started a few months back.

They complained about how Parker was the only one without any past relationships, and then complained when PE1 showed his past love life. 

They were reaaaaaally insisting on Parker x Gil, so they were malding that I didn't give them that in recent update. 

It's ironic they kept calling themselves Parker's "fan", yet they want me to delete him lmfao. 

What's their agenda, I wonder?

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I know recently there's someone who's been flaming me in the comment section (and discord) but let's not say names, ignore it and stay chill. 

I actually don't mind those "bad" comments, but only if it's constructive and not straight up insulting me as a person LOL. 

Criticize the work, not the person. That way I can improve as a writer.

Thank you!

Lmfao, just from one person. It's fun.

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It's mostly for the sake of continuity. 

Parker is MC's teacher, so it makes sense that he appears a lot. Episode Parker might give some clue why he appears a lot in other routes--it's subtle, but the clue is there.

As for Mark, there's no reason for you to like him if you don't. He's just written this way, it's my intention. So you either like him or you don't! 

That's a great analysis you put up here! Really spot on.

There are some intentional grammatical errors I put there, for the sake of lore, haha.


Yes it's already there for...I think 4 months now?

LOL I wish I could pin this comment.

Pfft, don't worry about it. Once they get bored, they will stop commenting--probably.

No more blue-ball. LOL.

Yeah, Lars' episode is more about himself than any plot points. I'm thinking of revisiting it at some point, actually. We'll see.

You know the fact that I haven't banned you from this comment section says a lot about how I treat others who had objections to what I write LOL (I'll spell it out for you: I think it's amusing and fun to have.)

For the record, I don't kick people out of the Discord server. Our server might be somewhat dead at times, but we also have moderators and logs to see if people are getting kicked or simply left lmfao.

Nice try though. Stay mald and cope. I'll give you a like for effort.

GM= Gil Main,  MM= Mark Main.

GE= Gil Episode, ME= Mark Episode.

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there is. It's Mark day 9. Or I might actually forgot to include it in this update. I'll check later anyway.

Mark day 9

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+1. After Class is shit.

Jokes aside, I'm sorry that my idea of Parker isn't the same as yours, but I won't apologize for what I write.

Besides, you're free to spend your money how you wish and entitled to an opinion of your own. This feels like some sort of reverse psychology that I don't give a fuck about LMAO.

And I've read this a few times already. Touch grass.

Stay mald and cope. 

There's also one in game, btw. on click to start screen

Thank Rex too! He writes most Anders related stuff with me being the co-writer and keeping things align with the rest of the routes.

Like Zekz said, I use renpy and everything is 1080p except for certain assets

I wish I could pin a comment on


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also that's not part of public update yet LOL.

at home

the persistent file

it's in your system drive, under appdata > roaming > renpy.

Day 14 isn't going to be the last day. No characters are Patreon-excusive, no worries.

7th main has been introduced in Gil's day 8 (and day 1), and 8th main is introduced in Special Episode, but he'll appear in main episode as well.


It's probably something on's end. I usually just download the files using a computer and copy it from there.

Haha, there's a lot of one-time only events, so gotta careful about rolling back.

There's a way you can see them again, but it needs you to delete some files on your end.