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why the hell is this 5 usd there is not enough content to warrant the 5 dollar price tag


Yes there is.


Toree 2 on steam is $1, for that price you get several hours of content, with 8 stages, with 4 different  main themings. Pizza Tower is $20. For such, you get many spectacular levels, with original mechanics, unique designs, and more.

For a quarter of Pizza Tower's price, you get this game. Something that is only 40 minutes of gameplay, no fun mechanics, and has virtually no replay value.

To claim that there is enough content for the $5 price tag is just blatantly ignorant of other games that are for sale.

(-1) is a platform for new and indie game developers looking for support and 5$ for this game is not just for the game, it's for supporting the developer.

As a solo developer, I could not make a 1h long game with new mechanics and I understand that this game doesn't worth 5$ but as I said it's not about the game only, it's a significant support to the developer as well.

sorry for your disappointment.

I'll try my best to improve myself! :)