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Its been quite a long time we have been waiting for the payment to go throw,

we tryed to email but got no answares, can some one help us with the payment

The payment ID's are:



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Unfortunately we dot not have the old version, we did not take the backup

todo tiene un precio. Este juego no fue creado por Big Bang y le tomó al creador mucho tiempo y energía para crearlo.

If you downloaded this game from other websites, there is a high chance for it to have a virus,  if you want a safe version you have to buy the game from the original page of this game which is here.

This is very strange, we had over 1000 sales and non of them reported such a thing. there is probably something wrong on your side.

Thank you for notifying us! Although I don't think reporting them would fix anything, I have tried reporting so many thieves on the internet but non of them has been removed yet. but thanks anyway!


Good game, altho I think the gameplay was missing something and the endings could have been worked more on.

but overall, I think it was a creative idea!

As for the gameplay, I think it doesn't feel good but you have to repeat certain things over and over which will make the players tired, especially when it is fast passed and the player needs to react quickly.  

The first ending I watched the gameplay from the Markiplier video was a cool and creepy cinematic, but the second one was too similar and I think it made it boring. If you could make the second ending a bit more exciting it would have been so much better!

As a game developer, I understand how much effort it takes to make a game like this. I hope you could improve your game dev skills more with my feedback :)

if you have purchased correctly, itch would send you a download link, 

Please explain in more detail, have you downloaded the right system version of the game?

if you have Windows you have to download the Windows version and open it...



Hello, Unfortunately, these days games are not safe to download spatially in

But we can guarantee that our games don't include any malware, viruses or anything unsafe for the players.

If you are still not sure you can try to scan the game with anti-malware.

Very good game! Well done!


no shush

Hi Bing, Yes you can, can you please send us an email on, and we would sort it out for you

sure, did you got what you needed?

email us and get the original version for free

Email us please

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Thank you for your feedback!

I’ll try my best to improve and try to not repeat the same mistakes on my future games. is a platform for new and indie game developers looking for support and 5$ for this game is not just for the game, it's for supporting the developer.

As a solo developer, I could not make a 1h long game with new mechanics and I understand that this game doesn't worth 5$ but as I said it's not about the game only, it's a significant support to the developer as well.

sorry for your disappointment.

I'll try my best to improve myself! :)

stealing ideas? that's something my little sister would say...

Artists are like:

- oh no you stole my art!

- no I didn't, it's just similar...

Game Developers be like:

-I have stolen your ideas...

-they weren't mine LOL

Do you mind sending a msg on this one as well, please? (Mhze#4907) 

Hello Rinbash,

I really liked the game you made, is there a way I could get your discord ID so I can have a chat with you?


wow very cool!

Have you made the game in unreal game engine? great job.

hahaha, fun game I have also made a similar game, it's called the true ingredients.

Defo is not inspired by the true ingredients XD

nice game

Very good game!

What are the Prizes?

use wasd on your keyboard 



I'm not sure, this must be a problem with itchio

Can you please provide the link to the rules, I can not find it.

Hi, I am not sure what your email was but we answared to all of them, just now