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For those using this with MonoGame, I made a font description (.spritefont) file for it. It has most of the relevant glyphs setup in the CharacterRegion section. If there was a way to add all the glyphs directly without using unicode character ranges, I’d have done it.

Turns out, font size advertized is different in a SpriteFont because it’s in Points. So size 16 = 9pt, 32 = 18pt, etc…

Here it is :

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Sweet -- font creator here -- can I add this to my download and credit you in this pages description?

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Absolutely. Will also do some of your other fonts later if they end up in my project.

Although, you might be better off linking to the gist instead of adding the file as a download, I’m most likely gonna edit it to add comments on which glyphs are added, so people can choose what to keep


Alright, thanks, I'll link the gist, cheers!

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Added to page description, thanks again!