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Absolutely loved the game, the amount of effortless world building you guys managed to pull off in a short amount of time without it feeling overbearing or like a textbook is crazy! I really loved the characters and I felt like all three of the romance routes (and the others) were all easy to empathize with and really full of depth. The art was beautiful and really meshed with the story, I especially love how unique the romance-able characters' designs were while still being easy to empathize with. Congrats on release! PS I need one of Nyargh's bees!

Thank you so much squaredprince! We're so glad you enjoyed it, and it's especially really great to hear that the characters felt complete and the world felt immersive for you, because we couldn't hope for sweeter praise. Thank you for the congrats and well-wishes too, if we could send you gift basket bees we absolutely would! :>