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loved the demo & i absolutely love the finished product. although i was motivated entirely by nyarg's design when i chose his path first, it wound up really resonating with me on a personal level & i'm thrilled! all three lads are so unique & wonderful in their own way & i'm so glad this game exists! thank you for making it & i'm very excited for whatever you all wind up making next!

Thank you so much, Kelly! I'm really glad that even beyond Nyargh's design, there was something there that was meaningful to you. That's exactly what we wanted to go for really - monsters with a down-to-earth story, sharing moments together in their creepy world. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, especially because you've been with us from the jump, so it's a great assurance to know we didn't let you down! We're both going to have a sleep and then think about what our future holds next. ❤