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My comment from like 5 months ago:

Even though this was a demo, THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I LITERALLY SPENT 2 HOURS ON THE GAME TO TRY AND FIND ALL POSSIBLE ENDINGS (sadly I haven't found the '#1' ending yet but, I'm still committed)

My new comment:

I still love this game but, I feel like I should of been keeping up with it because after re-playing it, I couldn't for the love of me  find prolougue endings #6 or #7 on top of this, I don't know anything about the storylines's #7 and #11 (since they, unlike the others, that have "#1 Coming Soon") have options but luckily,  I'll be restarting the entire game (deleting save points, virtually erasing my memory, etc.) as soon as the new update comes out, sending positivity❤!


Aw! Thank you so much. It's really nice to hear that you enjoyed the demo ^^!

Haha, yeah, the new demo can cause some confusion if you played the original one. Starting a new file will probably help some! As a hint, Prologue Ending 6 happens without any of the main boy, so perhaps try not going along with them. Ending 7 is actually a mistake, aha. I didn't know there was a Prologue Ending 7 listed, but it shouldn't be there. I'm sorry about the confusion for that.