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So, understanding that this is still in the prototype phase, a lot of the issues currently present are forgivable. I really love where this is going and the player character animation is fantastic!

Wow, thanks! Could you share the specs of your pc? Frame rate is way too slow, I wonder if it is cpu or gpu bound.

Two 1080ti and i7-6800k

This is weird... Perhaps sound card casuing frame stuttering... Or sli.. Usually there is no problems on way slower machines. Do you have vsync enabled or disabled? If it's disabled or display fresh-rate is really high - that might cause some problems too. 

I've seen some issues caused by my recording software before. Pretty sure vsync is disabled, not using a compatible monitor. I've seen issues caused by 4k monitors before too.

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Try enabling vsync and give it a shot again:) There is much more content (full run will take about an hour). Also you can run the game in window mode (can be changed in menu/settings)

Also you can parry the bite attack. Beast chooses attacks mostly by distance, but it has couple of other factors like, time scince last attack, avialable stamina, etc. 

I always forget about parries in big fights...