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OK I have some question to ask WHY IS THIS NOT ON MAC????? WHY does it say its for MacOS if you can only get the mobile version and if you goto the App Store on your iPhone/Mac you will see EVERYONE asking for a Mac version SO can you make a Mac version IF you read this I doubt but if you do Test it like if you do it test it make sure it works because One I have a feeling that it will say "Mac can support the file Baby in yellow" so what you do is type this code: 


cd Applications

cd (where APPLICATION_NAME is your app)

cd Contents/MacOS

chmod +x FILENAME (where FILENAME is the name of the executable) 

This took long to wright so pls add this for Mac
MAKE SURE you Upper case the Applications, Contents/MacOS

Hi, unfortunately The Baby In Yellow is not on Mac because we don't currently have the capacity to test it thoroughly enough and we don't want to release a buggy version. It is also not as simple as you describe, you have to build an .app first. All chmod does is change file access permissions :)

 Ok thank you at least  you responded