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Thank you very much! Thank you for trying it out, for Let's Playing it, and for leaving a comment--and a detailed comment with critique, at that! I really appreciate it all! And I'm really glad that you seem to have enjoyed it, overall. ^_^

The game wasn't made for a jam, but it was very much a side-project--and sound design is really not my forte, I fear. ^^; I'm sorry that some of the sounds veered into the comical, but glad that it didn't undermine the experience entirely! (I was pretty sure that the "tunnel" section would have been one of those "comical" sections. I very much acknowledge that that wasn't great! ^^;;; )

As to the Styx, I didn't have that river in mind specifically; the concept was a bit more abstract than that. But I do like your interpretation, and I think that it fits well into that abstraction.

A longer version would be interesting, I agree! It's not something that I have in mind right now, but such a response is heartening nevertheless. ^_^

I watched your video, and rather enjoyed it! (Very much including your thoughts and reactions to my game.) Thank you for the link. ^_^