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I have some suggestions for the development of the game.

1. I really don't like the way you hold the spear and the war hammer; it feels very wonky and hard to control.

2. I don't know if this is intended, but if you grab the other enemies in the level, you can smash the other enemies with his body, which does as much damage as the war hammer does if not more. I also have found a bug that when a enemy gets stuck in the corner of the arena, sometimes he can get invulnerable. (plz fix)

3. I feel like a movement system would be very cool. But please if you do add one, make a teleportation system and a onward esc system.

4. Like how you added the armour, you should add higher level characters; like bosses and such.

5. A menu would be pretty helpful where you could choose if you want to skip the tutorial.

6. 1v1 multiplayer would be pretty cool even though it probably won't happen. (I'm fine without it)

btw I fucking love this game, and will hope you continue developing it and improving on what already is a really fun and amazing game.

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you like it!